Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Book Blogger Tag

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Hey everyone, I saw this tag over at waterpainteddreams and it seemed fun, so I decided to do this tag too!, I hope you enjoy it! :)

Which book most recently did you not finish?
I usually always finish the books I am reading, so I haven't not finished a book in a long time and that book is Raw by Aurora Belle, I thought I would enjoy it but it just wasn't working for me and I decided to read a few spoilers on what happens and I was glad that I decided to stop reading.

Which book is your guilty pleasure?
I don't have one book, but my guilty pleasure is definitely cheesy romance books, sometimes the books are so cheesy that I just can't handle them but I keep reading them because they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside haha.

Which book do you love to hate?
Definitely Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, honestly it is the worst book I have ever read, or well worst book I didn't finish, I couldn't even get half way through it, it bothered me like no other book has ever bothered me, even thinking about the book makes me feel angry haha. I know that people have different opinions on what they like, but I just don't get how people can like the main guy in this book, he is the worst male character that I have ever read about, and I really should just leave it there because I don't want to anger myself more by thinking about this book haha (It's weird how one book affects me this much, I have never hated a book until I read this one.)

Which book would you throw into the sea?
Again Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire.

Which book have you read the most?
The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Which book would you hate to receive as a present?
Ok since I picked Beautiful Disaster twice already I need to pick something else for this haha. Hmmm, I think I might pick any book that has graphic rape scenes in it, It's something that I just can't read about.

Which book could you not live without?
The Perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, I can't even explain how much I love this book. (I would have also put the VA series, but I already used it twice haha.)

Which book made you the angriest?
(Beautiful Disaster haha.) Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters, I went into it not knowing there would be a graphic sex scene and well, I just wasn't able to handle that scene ( I did finish and enjoy the book, but that part just made me angry and it made me cry.)

Which book made you cry the most?
If I stay by Gayle Forman, I cried like I've never cried before when I read that book, I just I really love it and that book made me think about things and it made me appreciate everything I have even more because you never know what might happen tomorrow.

Which book cover do you hate the most?
I don't hate any covers actually, but I do wish the VA series had better covers.

So, that was the Book Blogger Tag, I enjoyed doing this tag and answering all the questions, and If you want to do it too just link it down below and I will make sure to check out your tag!.

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