Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Nethergrim by Matthew Jobin: Book Review

Book Title: The Nethergrim
Author: Matthew Jobin
Series: The Nethergrim Trilogy
Genres: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Adventure...
Pages: 368
Published: April 8th 2014 by Philomel

Synopsis: Everyone in Moorvale believes the legend: The brave knight Tristan and the famed wizard Vithric, in an epic battle decades ago, had defeated the evil Nethergrim and his minions. To this day, songs are sung and festivals held in the heroes' honor. Yet now something dark has crept over the village. First animals disappear, their only remains a pile of bones licked clean. Then something worse: children disappear. The whispers begin quietly yet soon turn into a shout: The Nethergrim has returned!

Edmund’s brother is one of the missing, and Edmund knows he must do something to save his life. But what? Though a student of magic, he struggles to cast even the simplest spell. Still, he and his friends swallow their fear and set out to battle an ancient evil whose powers none of them can imagine. They will need to come together--and work apart--in ways that will test every ounce of resolve.

In a story reminiscent of the Ranger’s Apprentice epic and the Chronicles of Narnia, Matthew Jobin weaves reality, magic, and adventure into the next great fantasy phenomenon.

My Review: This book I needed to read for English class (or well we had 2 books we had to read, and then there were 3 books we could choose from.) and I really liked it, I really enjoyed the characters, the story line and basically everything, I thought it was a great read and I feel like everyone who loves/likes fantasy would definitely enjoy this book.

I read this review on Goodreads and she said that finally the parents of the kids are present in the book because usually in these kinds of books either the parents are on some kind of vacation or work a lot, or just aren't there, and in this book the parents were present and a part of the story, and I really agree with her, I loved the fact that Edmund's parents were there (even though they annoyed me a tiny bit, esp at the burning part, you'll know what I am talking about when you read it haha.)

In this book not many people annoyed me and usually there are a lot of them haha, basically Edmund's brother annoyed me more than anything, I just wanted to smack him he was so annoying in the beginning.

The ending really surprised me, I honestly did not see that coming!, so be ready for a big surprise! (well unless you figure it out half way through or something haha.)

Stars: I give this book 4 stars out of 5
Will I continue with this trilogy ?: Yes I will, I really want to know what will happen.

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