Monday, 30 December 2013

Blogmas 2013

Hey everyone, i haven't had time or internet to explain why i haven't been finishing Blogmas, and i just wanted to explain myself, last month my PC started falling apart, it was really bad, and two weeks ago the screen just fell off!, it literally just fell off, there were two cords holding it together and one of them broke ( is broke the right word ?), and ever since then i haven't had much internet on my pc, just a tiny bit and it gets really slow, i could hardly even log on Facebook, and this week i realized if i go down in to the living room i have full internet for some reason ( and i am still on my broken pc but me and my mom basically super glued it together and used tape and everything, and right now it's falling apart again so i need to glue and tape it again haha, i really need a new computer. I wanted to just let anyone who followed the short Blogmas know that i didn't just give up, there were two things happening i got too busy and the computer fell apart, I didn't plan on having this explanation this long so i am going to stop right here, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and i hope you have an awesome and safe New Year


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