Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Blogmas Day 3 - Shoe Haul

Hey everyone!, I hope you're having a nice day!, today is the 3rd day of Vlogmas and i thought i would do a shoe haul, i bought a lot of shoes since this summer that i actually never showed, and i really wanted to do a haul, I really need to stop buying shoes, but they are so cute i can't help myself, especially when they are on sale, i basically have to buy something every time a sale is going on, even if i don't need any of it haha.
I bought all of these shoes while i was in Croatia except for the Black boots.

These boots that i am absolutely in love with i got here in Norway in i think the shop is called      Bagorama/Skoringen, they were on sale i don't remember how much the sale was, but if you know   me every time there is a sale i HAVE to get something, i just have to haha, it's a sickness really haha.

Don't mind my flowery socks haha, i just put on two different socks because they were the only ones, it's laundry day, i really need to wash all my clothes, i have a huge pile, but somehow i always put it off, anyway on to the shoes, I got these in Croatia in a shoe store called Graceland i think, it says Graceland inside the shoes so i am going with Graceland, I'm sorry i won't know where i got most of these shoes because i got them this summer so i can't remember any of the names of the stores.

These i got mainly because they were on sale, They are Jessica Simpson Wedges, the moment i was there i was so in love with these shoes, but a couple of days later i kind of regretted it a little, I am still not sure if I will keep them or not, i mean i do kind of like them but i feel like they are too tall for me (if that makes sense haha).

Oh wait i forgot that i got these in Norway too in Eurosko, it was in January i think or somewhere around that time, i can be really forgetful i am sorry haha. Basically i got these because they were on sale and every time i walk in them my legs hurt like fudge, but they are so pretty! haha, sometimes i hate being a girl who loves shoes...

These are oh my so pretty and were on a big sale in New Yorker(It's a store i used to shop at all the time, but recently i feel like their clothes aren't as good as they used to be or is it just me growing up), i was surprised by the price, i immediately grabbed them, tried them on and wouldn't let them go after that because i was scared someone might take them from me... I am weird like that, has it ever happened to you ?, you see something you love but there is only one of it left and when you get it you kind of don't even want to let go of it for a second because you think someone might take it from you ? haha or is it just me ?.


  1. Love the blue ones!!!

    Irene @ Ice Queen's bookshelf

  2. oh my the Jessica Simpson wedges are gorgeous :) xx

  3. Love all the shoes, they look great :P