Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blogger style favorites nr 4.

Hi everyone, i was just looking around and got an idea to do a post about my favorite bloggers style, ( like i will choose 4 favorite girls whose fashion style i just love).

All of these pictures are taken from her blog, none of these photos are mine!.

First she is a Norwegian blogger, and her name is Ulrikke Lund.I really love her style, she isn't afraid to wear all kinds of different clothes. She writes in Norwegian so you wouldn't be able to understand, but you can still look at the clothes <3. her blog url is http://ulrikkelund.com/

- Ulrikke Lund
i will put up pictures of a few of my favorite outfits from her
i am really loving this jacket that she is wearing here:

i am really loving this outfit!:

She worked as a stylist in asos:

love these outfits!:

this outfit is not really one of my favorites, but i really like it
and that was my 4th favorite, the next one i will show tomorrow ( there will be 4)

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A quick OOTD

hey guys, i have been a little busy lately and me and some stuff happened, so that is why i haven't been posting anything, but i am going to the movies to see lion king 3D with a friend lol and i wanted to do a quick OOTD

it seems like i always wear this cardigan or t-shirt lol, but i haven't worn it in like 3 months or somtething, so this is my OOTD

ok so, i bought this red scarf on a sale in Kappahl it was on 50 NOK, this t-shirt i bought in H&M long time ago, and this cardigan in Bik Bok, i think it was on 199 NOK or less i forgot.

these jeggings were bought in H&M, they were my sisters but she forgot them here so i have kind of been using them (lol) but i really love them <3 
 and this jacket over everything, i bought it in iclenad a year and a half ago, i think the name of the store is either galleri or galleri 17 ( and yes galleri not gallery)
for accessories i didn't put on much, i only wore these stackable rings that i bought in H&M ( both on different hands. these:
 and these:
for makeup i only wore something natural, something i wear everyday, i am kind of thinking about doing a post on it, and show you how my everyday makeup routine is ( i wear pretty much the same makeup to school everyday, except i sometimes wear eyeliner and sometimes i skip it. but when i go shopping or somewhere else i try on something new).

anyway that was it,i have a haul coming up soon, it was supposed to be up like a week ago, but i got a little busy and forgot to do it, so it may be up tommorow.If not, it will be up someday this week.

hope you all had a great weekend -xo

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

Hey everyone, since i wasn't here for Christmas and New Year, ( i know it's late lol, especially the Merry Christmas part, but i wanted to say it anyway haha). Merry Christmas and have a Happy new year!, i hope all of you have a great year!.

also i was going to do the christmas tag on the 25th or 26th and i began to write it ( i was at my friends house) and i did not know that there would be this HUGE storm that day, i mean the lights,internet, everything went out, i was so scared there was so much wind and rain, it was so scary!,and i couldn't really go home becuase of the weather, so i stayed at my friends house until like 05:00 in the morning haha!, and after that i forgot to do the tag, so i am sorry!, but i am going shopping soon, so there might be a haul up in a few days, also last time i went shopping i forgot to do a haul, so maybe i will put that up some time today, if it's not up today then it will be up tomorrow.

but if you want me to do the tag anyway, then just comment and i will put it up ( i only did a little bit it's still saved).