Saturday, 10 November 2012

Currently Watching: The Walking Dead

Hey guys!, i thought of doing these kind of posts where everytime i watch a new show and i really like i will do a post and give a review about it, since i really do love t.v show and i watch a lot of them. The first show i will review is The walking dead.

The walking dead is based on a popular comic book series by Robert kirkman, the show came out in 2010, it was one of the most anticipated t.v shows of 2010.

the main character is Rick Grimes, he is a police officer and he gets shot while trying to catch some bad guys, he ends up in a coma for a while, and when he wakes up there is no one there (no one alive), and it's about him and a couple of survivors trying to survive and not get eaten. ( trying not to say too much about it haha).

i've heard about this show long time ago, but i was hesitant about watching it, i thought i would be so scared, and that it would be terrifying, i hate zombies, and i am not one of those people who want the zombie apocalypse, but the other day i was reading this blog and this girl said how much she loves zombie movies, books and shows, and that the walking dead was a great show, she also said that everyone should watch it, or atleast try, so i went and got the first 2 episodes and was ready to watch, and i got hooked after the first episode, i couldn't stop watching, it's seriously amazeballs!, i agree with the girl now, everyone needs to watch it or atleast try!, it's so exciting and just great. I already got my best friend hooked on it! haha, i told her that she needed to watch it, so she did and said it was awesome.

I think the directing is great and that the makeup on the zombies are awesome, it looks so damn great and realistic!, i do like the acting, but it's not the best to be honest, there are a few who could improve.

my favorite characters in this shows are Rick,Shane,Daryl and, Glen and if the zombie apocalypse would to happen those four characters are the ones i would want on my team, definitely. I love how Rick and Shane protect Lori and her son. and i love how badass Daryl is, and how sweet he was when Sophia was lost, and what he did for the mother. And Glen is just amazeballs, hard to think that he was just a pizzaboy, because these people would have hardly survived without him ( especially Rick).

Don't judge it before watching just because it's a zombie show, it's exactly what i did and after i watched it i regretted judging it. If you have watched TWD, leave a comment below if you like/love it and who are your favorite characters ?