About Me

My name is Nevena but everyone calls me Nena ( mainly because i don't really like my name, and they get it wrong every time haha so Nena is much easier). I am 20 years old, i was born in Croatia, but i currently live in Norway. I can speak four languages Croatian, English, Icelandic, and Norwegian. I made this blog 3 years ago, it was originally only a makeup skin care blog, and then turned into everything since i like a lot of things, and i like to blog about everything, i would get bored if i only could blog about one subject only, Hopefully you will like my blog and follow me or atleast comment, it always makes my day!

If you want to contact me to review your product, book, or anything, feel free to,

my Email is: nenag-th@hotmail.com
my Twitter is: @NenagTH
my Instagram is: Nena

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